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Máy đính thẻ bài Dennison ST-9000

Mã số : ST9000
Nhóm sản phẩm : Máy bắn nhãn
Hãng sản xuất : DENNISON
Tình Trạng hàng : Còn hàng
Xuất xứ : USA
Bảo hành : 12 THÁNG
Lượt xem : 8497
Giá : Call


Máy đính thẻ bài Dennison ST-9000


Avery Dennison ST9500 and ST9000 Plastic Staple Fastening Systems

   Waistband tickets                 Jeans                       Suit/Sport Coats         Ladies Undergarments

New Plastic Staple ST9500 offers faster tag attachment.  The System’s stronger yet detachable fasteners are ideal for whiskering and prewashing operations that give a faded or vintage appearance to jeans.  The system’s Plastic Staple fasteners present a more attractive appearance and are easier to remove than metal staples, thread or other fastener types.

The ST9500 System, attaches tickets and tags to apparel items using Plastic Staple ST9500 fasteners, improving productivity in apparel-finishing operations, especially those involving “bottoms” such as men’s and women’s jeans, casual pants, dress pants and shorts. 

The system consists of the ST9500 attacher, two needles available in Fine Fabric and Ultra Fine Fabric versions, and ST9500 Plastic Staple fasteners.  The Plastic Staple ST9500 System is a semiautomatic, operator-actuated system featuring a low-maintenance direct-drive motor.   ST9500 Plastic Staple fasteners used with the system have greater tensile strength than standard Plastic Staple fasteners, yet can still be easily removed by hand. Fasteners are dispensed from a continuous reel containing 25,000 ST9500 Plastic Staple fasteners. The needle spacing is adjustable so that with just one staple size (12 millimeters) the needles can be set widely apart to secure thinner denim layers, or set more narrowly to secure thicker layers.” 

The Plastic Staple ST9500 System has a top speed of .25 seconds for a full insertion cycle, much faster than the top speed of its predecessor, the Plastic Staple ST9000 and that of most competing ticket attachers. Speed can be adjusted up or down in .03- and/or .05-second increments to fit different application requirements. Cycles as slow as .60 seconds can be selected to process thicker materials. 

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